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An interview with Eirini of Silva-Daskalaki Winery

Have you always been in this business? Was it something you were born into and always knew you would be in?
I have only been involved in the business of wine since 2006, so a relative newcomer, but my family has been in this business forever. Since becoming involved in the production process, I have attempted to evolve our endeavors.

What do you love so much about wine? How would you describe your relationship with wine?
The whole process, that begins in the vineyards holds great interest for me. The thought of creating the final product always gives me strength, despite the difficulties I must confront and it is the biggest  accolate when the final product meets my expectations and those of the customer. As far as my relationship to wine—I would have to say it is one of PASSION.

What’s your favorite restaurant in Crete and what do you order there?
I love to try new places and new things and for me, I feel that each and every restaurant and tavern has something unique to offer. I enjoy seeing everyone stamp their mark on their own work because I believe that each person gives a piece of themselves, which is something I greatly respect.

What bottle(s) of wine would be in your dream cellar?
There are many, many wines worthy of tasting and also to store in you cellar for a later time. Like most winemakers, I taste wines and will continue to taste wines that inspire me. I cannot say definitively which wines I would choose for my cellar because I’m not familiar with all the wines that exist and it wouldn’t be fair to choose like that.

What advice would you give young winemakers starting out in this business?
Young vintners today must insist on their goals and always keep them in mind despite the many difficulties they will most certainly confront, because in this line of work, time, effort and patience is of great necessity.

Do you feel Cretan wines are still under-appreciated even throughout Greece?
I believe that Cretan wines have not yet conquered the position they are definitely worthy of, but in due time they will be justly recognized both here at home and abroad.

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